Features turn invisible after Add Join

03-04-2016 11:32 AM
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I want to join a feature class A with polygon features to another feature class B with point features based on a common field. I'm using add join. After it completes, the polygons are invisible. That is, I cannot see the polygons in ArcMap although when I select them in the attributes table, they are selected on the map (only the edges appear in blue).

What is the reason behind this behavior?

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were both layers added to arcmap to begin with?  were they both visible before the join? they are in the same coordinate system I hope?  any further details?

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Hi Dan.

Both layers were added in arcmap, both had the same coordinate system, and both were visible before applying the join and after removing the join.

I found a way to do what I want, which might be helpful to my fellow ArcMappers:

(1) In TOC, right click on the layer you want to "filter"

(2) Scroll down to "Joins and Relates > Relate..." and navigate through the dialog

(3) Now open the attributes table of the second layer

(4) Click "Table Options > Select All > Related Tables"