FeatureLayer by two tables join in,can not save the joined field value

09-17-2014 07:17 PM
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Every superiors:

        hello, now I have a question,please lost serveral minutes ,thanks very much.

     Q:  I publish a map layer by arcMap, this layer's data construct by two database's tables join in. A table is graphic table (picture aaa), B table is attribute table,the two   tables join by mme_fid,(A and B both have mme_fid).but the mme_fid not in published feature layer (the layer only can see the key field objectId ,not see the mme_fid (picture bbb)). when I create  a graphic  to graphic table A ,the mme_fid not saved. I don't know why?

picture  aaa:


picture bbb:


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