extract original tpk raster data

06-25-2014 10:47 AM
New Contributor

I have a 500MB tpk file that contains a raster map. I'd like to extract that raster data and convert it into ECW or tiled TIFF.

It works well with smaller maps, but not with this one. In the layer-data export it shows as 1PB of uncompressed size and therefore (?) any export attempt fails immediately after clicking on save.

There must be something wrong with the metadata anyway. Selecting "zoom to raster resolution" only shows blank and zooms to a scale of 1462 while anything below 8000 only displays blank. The map is a scanned raster map with a 500'000 scale and was scanned at something like 200dpi, so somehow I believe the pixel size is set wrong.

How can I set this to the correct value (which i don't know). I only want the raster image from the highest zoom layer. But I haven't found a way to extract the bundle files either.

Sorry I'm not familiar with the program, only got access to convert these few tpk files.
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