exporting to nmf

10-10-2014 11:21 AM
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I need to export one shape file to nmf format....


somebody know how to do it ?


Thank you, Luis.

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Is this an ArcGIS Explorer for Desktop question?

An nmf file is an AGX map file.

An AGX content file has an nmc file extension.

Place your shapefile in your AGX map.

Zoom to the extent of the features in the shapefile.

Click on the shapefile layer in the table-of-contents.

Click on the Tools tab.

Click on the Spatial Query tool.

Choose the Draw a rectangle on the map button.

Draw a rectangle that encompasses all the features of your shapefile.

Click the Query button in the Spatial Query dialog window.

The query completes and the Add to Map button comes alive.

Click on the Add to Map button.

You should now see a Map Notes folder that contains all the features with attributes from your shapefile.

Right-click on the Map Notes folder and choose the Share button.

Share your map notes as a Map Content file (*.nmc)

or - Save the map (*.nmc) with the map notes folder and share the map.

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