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Exporting multidimensional raster as one file

05-26-2021 05:54 AM
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Dear Communittee,

after having created a Mosaic dataset and loading all my 1000+ MODIS NDVI.hdf5 files into it, I would like to export this multidimensional raster as a single netcdf. However, every time I try to use the following function; multidimensional tools > netcdf > raster to netcdf, it only export one day (or something). 

I tried following the solution found in the post: Export multiple rasters as a single netcdf, however, it seems like my version of Arcgis Pro does not support Raster Catalogs. Similarly, I feel like Mosaic datasets are the same thing. 

Can someone help me how to export such mosaic multidimensional dataset as one netcdf?

Thanks in advance!

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