export xml fail

01-02-2014 12:11 PM
New Contributor
I have tried numerous times (and experimenting with all options) to export an xml file of a personal database so that I can try using the xml file in ArcGIS Diagrammer. Every attempt to export results in a fail message. I would like to export all data and schema at once, but wondering if maybe that's too much info to process I have reduced my selection to single feature classes, a few feature classes, have made sure to exclude 2 raster files included in my mdb file, have tried exporting as a zip instead of an xml...always I get a fail message even if I just try to summarize my selection.
I could send a zip file if anyone wants to see if they can export my file. My mdb file is based on an ESRI ArcGIS utility model, but has a few additional feature classes, fields, and domains.
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