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Export Raster produces much paler image

12-11-2019 11:36 PM
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Using ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1

I have an aerial image as a Tif file that I have Georeferenced with manually placed control points.

If I use the option "Save", then it just creates external files being *.tfwx and *.tif.aux.xml

Other mapping applications aren't able to read these and render the image in the right location.

So then I used the "Save as New" which creates a new raster file with the georeferencing information.

This saves a new file but the result is a lot paler and washed out than my original image.

I have tried JPG, JP2, TIF, PNG and it occurs with all.

Maybe it is something to do with other options in the Export raster dialog. I am just accepting defaults pretty much. eg. 8 bit unsigned, Cell Size etc.

There is no documentation that really assists with choosing the right values.

Any suggestions ?

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You could give the "Raster to Other Format" tool a try.


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by Anonymous User
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Hi George,

I'd also check the symbology settings of the raster before exporting. Often, by default, there's a Stretch Type set (generally Percent Clip) which adjusts the appearance of the raster. When the raster is exported, it doesn't export with the stretch applied, it just exports the pixel values. So I'd make sure the washed out export has the same Stretch Type applied as the original. To do that:

  • Right-click on the original raster in the Contents pane and select "Symbology"
  • Note the Stretch Type and the Min and Max values listed underneath it
  • Right-click on the washed out exported raster in the Contents Pane and select Symbology
  • Make sure the Stretch Type and Min/Max values are the same as the original

If that's not successful, in the Export Raster pane, there's a Use Renderer box that I'd try checking. It may not be the exact same as the input, but it might get it closer!


I hope that helps!

Happy rastering!



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