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02-25-2014 06:26 AM
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Not sure if this is the correct Forum, but here goes.
I need an excel formala to convert Lat/Long coordinates to X Y State Plane California (US Feet) NAD 27, zone 0405.

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Well, for starters it's not the right forum.  You're asking a Microsoft Excel question on an ArcGIS forum website.

Secondly, no one here is going to just write out an Excel compatible expression or macro to convert Lat/Lng to a projected coordinate system.

Lastly, since you ended up posting on an ArcGIS forum I have to ask, do you happen to have access to ArcGIS software.  If so, the process to get what you want is not all that complicated.
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If you don't have ArcGIS, you can use Corpscon to do coordinate conversions. http://www.agc.army.mil/Missions/Corpscon.aspx
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