etls work for my coworker but not me.

02-13-2012 09:14 AM
New Contributor
Hi everyone Im having an issue that I think is config related. I am running windows 7 64bit. ArcGIS desktop 10 SP3 with Data Interop SP2. A coworker of mine has created a series of etls to transform data from one GDB to another. I can recreate hers and create my own but every time I run them they seem to skip over my schema mapper. i.e. when I open the table I have created only ObjectID, Shape and Length and they are are populated but no other mapped fields get created. My coworker has the same setup and can run the same etls perfectly. All fields get created for her. I turned my logging up to high and have attached a copy. I know some of the BADNEWS errors may be red herrings but if someone could take a look I'd appreciate it.


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