Errors Using the World Geocode Service at ArcMap 10.1

03-10-2014 11:13 AM
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I'm having a hard time getting the World Geocode Service to 'stick' in ArcMap 10.1.

When you click the "Find" button, you are immediately prompted with this dialogue:


When you yes or no, the dialogue pops up again.

Finally, you can go to the Find tool, click the "Locations" button, and browse to the new World Geocode service...

But... when you select the World Geocode service, you get the error again...

I can then do a geocode, etc. no problem.

When finished, I close ArcMap, assuming the new geocoder will be remembered.

But... when I open up ArcMap again, the first thing that comes up (before the ArcGIS splash screen) is the Damaged Locator error - *8 TIMES*!!!

I click the Find button, and the error still pops up, same process as noted above, and the locator was not kept in the list of Locators.

I know this is fixed at 10.2, but our organization just moved to 10.1 after many years of not upgrading from 9.3.1...

Any thoughts appreciated.

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