Error when trying to rematch manually

05-13-2013 12:14 PM
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I am running 10.1 sp 1 (build 3143) of ArcMap. I geocode on a regular basis, but since updating to 10.1 I am getting an error when I try to manually rematch unmatched addresses. Please see the attached jpg for the error.
All I did was click match for an address that was listed as a candidate. After I click OK to the error it looks as if it matched the address anyway. When I close the interactive rematch box and open it back up, of course, the rematch is no longer matched. Is this a bug? This isn't the first time I have run into this error and not on the same spreadsheet from where I am getting the addresses to geocode. Has anyone else run into this before and have a way to resolve this?

Thank you in advance!

Amy Hudson
GIS Analyst
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