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Error opening feature class: Unexpected Operation

07-29-2014 01:54 AM
New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I have encountered an error while trying to open a feature class in a geodatabase.  Whenever I try to open the file, import the data, view properties, preview contents of a particular point feature class I get an error box that reads:

Error opening feature class

Unexpected operation [HeatDemand1004_1]

Unexpected operation [HeatDemand1004_1]

HeatDemand1004_1 is the name of the feature class.

This feature class sits in a gdb with other similar size and type feature classes all of which are still working fine.  I have not edited this feature class or even opened the feature class in the last week and last time I opened it, it was working fine.

The gdb is a copy of a core dataset held on a network drive.  I copied it to my harddrive to improve performance whilst I analysed the data.  Like I said it has been working fine up till now, but I did recently compress the original gbd on the network drive.  Could this have any way of affecting a copy on a different drive?

Happy to provide any further information required to solve this!  As there is still a working copy its not the end of the world but I will soon be making permanent edits to the feature class that is on my harddrive so I would like to know what happened here.

Kind regards,

Andy Seaton

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