Error 71147 whilst analysing mosaic dataset.

11-24-2021 07:34 AM
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I am having problems creating a mosaic dataset with 2000 1km x 1km TIFF images. One error that I get is that the spatial index of the mosaic-dataset does not correspond with the standard and is not optimal.

I cannot however delete or create an new spatial index on the mosaic. The options are simply deactivated.

How can I get rid of this error?

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Hello RobertBuckley1,

According to documentation - Mosaic Dataset Analyzer: Warning 71147 - the delete/create spatial index options can be adjusted in the Indexes tab Mosaic Dataset Properties page. This requires the use of a Standard or Advanced license.

  • Can you verify what ArcGIS License is being used?
  • Can you provide more detail on how you are creating the mosaic dataset?



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