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Enforce PK/FK relationship using Attribute Assistant

01-15-2019 10:03 AM
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I have a feature class where you draw a polygon and put in an ID. I also have a table that is related to this feature class by the ID field. How can I make it so I cannot enter a record into the table for an ID that doesn't exist? Example:

Feature class

Polygon ID 1

Polygon ID 2


Record ID 5 <----- I want to make this impossible to do

Record ID 1
Record ID 1

Record ID 2

Record ID 1

I cannot enforce a domain as the IDs can be unlimited. You can't auto-populate fields or domains. I have a relationship class defined between the feature class and table but I don't think this can do what I am describing. 

EDIT: So it looks like the above is not possible via normal ArcMap avenues... would this be possible using Attribute Assistant? If so, what's the rule look like? I have used a "CREATE_LINKED_RECORD" rule that should enforce a PK/FK relationship, but it doesn't seem to be doing so. This is the rule I have:

Table Name: State_MgmtTracts

Field Name: <empty>


Value Info: State_MgmtAttrb|ID_Number|ID_Number|ID_Number|ID_Number

On Create: True

On Change (Attribute): False

On Change (Geometry): False

Manual Only: False

Rule Weight: 1

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