editing versioned dataset

06-23-2011 05:10 PM
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i have a versioned dataset in arcsde 9.3.1 and database is oracle 10g

I can start the edit session on the layers but when i try to  move points, I get this message - Problem in setup.
Message: The System cannot find the path specified. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070003

I am not sure how to fix it...

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sorry i forgot to mention -
my arcsde is installed on linux box...
oracle 10g is also on the same linux box

and i am getting that error on my desktop
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I Read in this post - http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/13308-The-system-cannot-find-the-path-specified?highlight=System+fi...  that this problem occurs if SDE home has spaces,

Should I see SDEHOME environment variable on my machine or the server on which arcsde is installed?

If its on server side, then, in this case, arcsde is installed on linux and as listed below, its path does not have spaces.

the arcsde configuration is -

ArcSDE Version                    9.3.1
ArcSDE Server Build                for Oracle10g Build 1632 Thu Feb 26 12:05:37
Underlying DBMS                   Oracle
Max. Server Connections           500
Root Path                         /home/sde/arcsde/sdeexe93
Temp Path                         /tmp
Min. Transmission Buffer Size     16384 Bytes
Max. Transmission Buffer Size     65536 Bytes
Min. Transmission Buffer Count    512 Objects
Max. Initial Features             10000 Objects
Max. stream pool size             6 streams
Max. BLOB Size                    1000000 Bytes
Max. in Memory BLOB Size          1000000 Bytes
Max. Distincts                    512
Autocommit Frequency              1000
Shape Point Buffer Size           400000 Bytes
Attribute Buffer Size             50000 Bytes
Max. Array Size                   100
Max. Array Bytes                  550000 Bytes
Max. Client/Server Time Diff.     Unlimited
State Caching                     On
Stream State Autolocking          Off
Instance name                     5151
Port Number                       5151/tcp
TCP/IP Keepalive on Connections   Off
Instance Type                     Read/Write
Max. Raster Buffer Size           102400 Bytes
Default Layer Precision           32-bit
Time last mod(TLM) interval (sec) 1
Num. of logfiles in logfile pool  0
Max. num. of standalone logfiles  0
Allow session logfiles            Off
Hold log pool tables              On
Connection counts                 42
Layer Autolocking                 Off
Allow Int64 columns               Off
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