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01-27-2017 06:44 AM
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I am trying to add height to a DEM. I have a polygon and I would like to raise this area of the DEM by 10m. I have tried many things but nothing seems to work. I am going to use the polygon to run another viewshed. The first viewshed that I ran was a bare earth model. Now I want to add in height in one area, which I have a polygon for, so that I can see how much of a difference that makes in my viewshed. 

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Hi Greg - you are trying to raise just a specific are of the DEM, bound by a polygon? Maybe convert the polygon into a DEM and then use the Raster Calculater to derive a new DEM?

-Adam Z

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Frist, Create Constant Raster using this polygon in extent and mask in environment. Create Constant Raster—Help | ArcGIS Desktop .

Then, Create Mosaic To New Raster , put original DEM and New DEM (that is like polygon shape with the new value) put in input, chech that Mosic operator (optinal) refer to the NEW DEM using Frist or Last according to your sort. Mosaic To New Raster—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

That will generate modified DEM with new values in specific area.

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