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11-15-2013 07:20 AM
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I have been using the Cut Polygon tool to divide meter basins into manageable work orders.  Today, the tool is now deleting one of the polygons after the cut is completed. 

The odd thing is that both polygons exist in the attribute table but the map does not reflect it and shows it as removed.  I have tried renaming the "deleted" polygon and then setting the symbology to BASIN_ID and adding all records but this does not remedy the issue. 

Any thoughts?

The layer is within a non-SDE fgdb and I am using Arc 10.1.
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Many things can make an edited polygon disappear, such as layer definition or page definition queries, categorized symbology with no default checked, editing a selection created layer, etc.  If you can move your layer into a new project and things work, then either edit from the new project or look for something like the foregoing in the old.  Editing in a new project also gets around a corrupted original project.  I suppose another possibility is bad geometry.  Or if you don't wait long enough an incredibly slow redraw, might tie up your display or your perception of it.
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