don't show bands when adding raster page scan

10-22-2019 12:45 PM
New Contributor III

Doing a lot of georeferencing of pages from documents. These pages usually have a map on them using a color background/basemap.  When I add these .TIF (or .TIFF) files to the TOC in an ArcMap, it pops in showing Red,Green,Blue bands.  These bands serve no purpose to me - I'm not doing any raster analysis - and I don't need to see these color bands. I end up having to click on the tiny '-' sign next to the layer to stop showing these bands. Less sophisticated users see these bands when georeferencing a color page and are just confused by them.

Is there a setting in ArcMap so that when I add a raster image of a document page it won't break out these color bands?

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