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03-25-2015 02:42 AM
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Here is my case. I had 2 geodatabases. Second one is created later. And i import all tables in geodatabase-1 to geodatabase-2 by using ArcCatolog. I use srid 6 for my geodatabase 1 and its kind of a standart.  But in geodatabase 2 the tables and indexes are imported with an different srid. I have to change srid of all geometry collumns and spatial indexes to 6.

First i checked ST_spatial_references table for srid 6 and couldnt find it. There is srid 30002 with same content with srid 6 in geodatabase 1.

Then i create an entry in ST_Spatial_references table manually for srid 6. After that I tried to create a spatial index with following query.



     PARAMETERS('st_grids=1:0:0 st_srid=6')


and get this error. ORA-20085: Different SRID '6' do not match.

I need to create and srid entry with id 6 properly. And change all the tables and spatial indexes set to srid 6. Can anyone help me?

Note: srid 30002 and 6 has exactly same content in ST_SPATIAL_REFERENCES table except the id collumn.

Thank You.

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Vince Angelo​ already asked some questions about your setup when you posted the same question on gis.stackexchange.com. What are the answers?

The short answer is that the IDs in the ST_spatial_references table are unique to a geodatabase. There's no guarantee that the same ID will be used for equivalent spatial references (coordinate system, tolerance, resolution, domain combination).

Why do you think they need to be the same?


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Hi sory for late reply. I imported some big tables from geodatabase 1 to geodatabase 2. And their srid is set to 300002. Its actually okey because except the id the rest is same in st_spatial_references. But there are some batch processes running on the geodatabase 1 will run on geodatabase 2 so i need to convert all geographic collumns' s srid to 6. Is it safe to create an entry in st_spatial_references with srid 6 and run query like sde.st_transform(collumn_name,6). I thought that when i import tables it's srid value shall remain the same why it is different. Is it because two geodatabases are different versioned(10.0 10.2) or is it because there is not entry in spatial references table with srid 6, it creates one assign id in accordance with a rule.,

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No, it is not recommended to create custom SRIDs by hand.  It is far better to change your scripts to determine the correct SRID by table (vice hard-coding them).