DeleteFeatures Behavior Changed in ArcSDE 10.1 / SQL Server 2012

09-05-2014 04:12 PM
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DeleteFeatures no longer deletes all records at one time which it's supose to do when the input is a feature class or table!  We upgraded from ArcGIS 10.0 / SQL 2008 to ArcGIS 10.1 / SQL 2012 so I don't know which caused the change.  In 10.0 this was carried out all at once in like a truncate on the database side, but after upgrading it's taking forever now.  Through SQL Profiler I can see that the records are being deleted in batches of about 150 records at a time, so what use to take about 2 to 3 seconds now takes over 30 minutes for a feature class containing a 1,000,000 records.  Is there any fix for this?

BTW, this is similar to a bug introduced back in 9.3.1

-- sample from SQL profiler --

declare @p1 int

set @p1=8003

exec sp_prepexec @p1

select @p1

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The 'Delete Features" or "Delete Rows" have always been deleting one record at a time. So what you may be observing is a performance degradation w.r.t. the tool.

Is your data registered as Versioned? If not, you may try the Truncate table tool. It deletes all the records in a table\fc in one go.

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No it's not versioned.  I just saw the Truncate Tool under Data Management Tools | Tables but it's not under Features so I missed it.  (But I am disappointed I have to modify all my scripts and models after ESRI changed the behavior of a tool.)

Thank you.

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