Delete Multiple Fields in a Table - ArcGIS Pro frustration

12-05-2017 11:26 AM
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I just had to call to ESRI tech support for help. I was trying to delete multiple fields from a table created by geocoding process (there were quite a few fields to get rid of). I demonstrated to the analyst how, using third-party's XTools extension, I could do it in 10 seconds (this feature has been available in XToos for years). But doing it in un-pro Pro takes forever. It takes a lot of clicks. My program froze twice. Very frustrating. At the end of 2017, analyst's weak excuses that Pro is a new program sound very lame, sorry.

The easiest solution for this (and other) issue would be just to remove the "Pro" from the name, if the developers are not serious about making ArcGIS Pro like a pro should be, that is fast, powerful, reliable, and easy.

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