Delete a user schema geodatabase

02-01-2011 10:31 AM
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SDE 9.3.1 SP2

We have a master geodatabase and six user-schema geodatabases in the same Oracle instance. I need to delete one of the user-schema geodatabases.

Documentation states:

Unregister or remove from the user's schema all data that is registered with ArcSDE and/or the geodatabase. This includes such objects as feature datasets, stand-alone feature classes, raster datasets, raster catalogs, nonspatial tablesâ??any object that contains a record in the TABLE_REGISTRY ArcSDE system table. This also applies to objects registered in another user's schema. For example, there could be a feature class in the user2 schema that is registered in the master SDE geodatabase. This, too, would need to be removed or unregistered before you could delete the user-schema geodatabase.
I read this to mean that all data in the master and user schema geodatabases must be deleted before a user schema can be dropped. Can this be right? Or am I reading this wrong. I keep thinking it can't be that all of my base data, as well as my five other application geodatabases must be whacked to get rid of one errant geodatabase that is no longer important.

Does anyone have any insights into this? I have a prototype area to test and can then flashback if need be, but perhaps someone has crossed this bridge already.
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What this means is that if you have a user schema geodatabase in the SDE2 schema, you must remove all data registered to the geodatabase in SDE2, as well as any data that is registered to any other schema that is stored in the SDE2 schema.  As in:

A table named scott.rivers that is registered to the SDE2 geodatabase must be removed.
A table named scott.roads that is registered in the SDE geodatabase does not need to be removed.
A table names sde2.railways that is registered to the SDE geodatabase must be removed.

Does that make more sense?
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