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Default value field

03-07-2017 02:03 PM
New Contributor III

I have a field type that is hidden and want to populate the default value for the field to be the same for every survey. When I submit a survey the default field isn't populated. 

I'm expecting the state label to populate to MO everytime? Am I trying to use the default value wrong? 

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MVP Emeritus‌ might be a good place to either 'share' or move this thread too since it isn't clear from the question whether this is the software you are using.

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Hi Alexis (and thanks Dan for linking this to the Survey123 group!),

You aren't misunderstanding the default value, but hidden fields won't support them like this. What works for what you want is to create a text field with that as a default, that is always hidden through the 'relevant' field. In your case, you can make sure it never turns up by linking it to a select_one question asking for a result that isn't in the choice list. It's a bit of a rough solution, and there's probably a more elegant one, but it works.