Default date in Feature Classes and Tables

11-05-2014 08:09 AM
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Hello Everyone,


I have a very weird issue going on. I am creating a set fo Feature Classes and Tables that have some date values that cant be null and have default values that the user will have to either leave the same or edit. Is just so that the user knows he has to record something on that field mandatory.


For a feature class that stores polygons I have set a date to 01/01/1999 and another to 01/01/2050 under the propreties, these dates then change to 36151 and 54789 which is probably a code. When I am editing the Feature Class  and create a new feature in it, then the date fields show properly the date and everything is just fine.


If i do exactly the same for a table, is where I am having problems. When inserting  a new record inthe table, the default date shows as 0:00:00 (when it should be 01/01/2050) and even weirder if I do a query inside that table, searching by date, the date shows as another date completely.


Does anyone have an idea, that could help me solve this problem?

Thank you a lot.


I have attached some pictures so you can understand better what I mean.

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