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06-21-2016 08:16 AM
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I am currently trying to get ArcGIS 10.4 to symbolise point features by utilising a date field.

All my features have a 'last reviewed' date.

Ideally, I would like ArcGIS to symbolise my features by the following by using today's date on start-up

1. If the 'last reviewed' date is over 1 year ago

2. If the date is within 1 year

3. If the date field is blank

Any ideas?



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I think there are two method to do that symbology

Frist method ( recommended 😞

1- Add New field to your attribute table .

2- Select by attribute for records that "date is over 1 year ago" / "within 1 year" / Null

3- Calculate new field with unique value for each selection.

4-Use that field in symbology.

Second method:

1- Add your layer in TOC 3 times

2- Make a definition query for each layer with unique group as you want "date is over 1 year ago" / "within 1 year" / Null

(each layer has different expression)

3- Symbolize each layer manual.

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Thanks for your response - I think the first method seems more suitable.

If I were to use this method would the symbology automatically change by using the date on my computer?

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For a dynamic solution I would go with option 2 of Abdullah's suggestion.  You can set your layer definition query to take the current date into account:

Over a year:  ReviewDate <  CURRENT_DATE - 365

Within 1 year:  ReviewDate >=  CURRENT_DATE - 365

Null:  ReviewDate IS Null