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Database migration from SQL Server 2017 to geodatabase SDE in ArcGIS pro

03-15-2023 09:58 AM
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Database migration from SQL Server 2017 to geodatabase SDE in ArcGIS pro.

Hello everyone, I want a favor to help me with my task. 

I have a SQL Server database that was entered from a web GIS program.
Now I want to migrate data from the databases or databases in the SQL Server to geodatabase SDE by Arcgis pro.


really I appreciate your help and cooperation with me.


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Hi @Salehalamri ,

You can convert a database to a geodatabase using the Enable Enterprise Geodatabase tool in ArcGIS Pro.

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Can you explain answer please

I can't understand how by this tool migrate database to goedatabase.




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I think what Jake is saying is that you can make the SQL database into an Enterprise Geodatabase ("SDE"). You do not have to create a separate geodatabase unless you want to. The "SDE" information is added to the existing SQL database.

You run the Enable tool, then register the datasets with the geodatabase that you want.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

--- George T.
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"SDE" hasn't been the product name for a long, long time, and in fact, ArcSDE no longer exists either. The current term of art is "enterprise geodatabase". All you need to connect to a database is the connection DLL(s) of the database vendor. If the data has been stored in native geometry, and the database release is compatible with the Esri release (there are a number of Pro versions, each with a list of supported database releases), then "migration" should not be necessary -- a "Query Layer" should see the table contents immediately. Editing features in an enterprise database requires ArcGIS Server licensing and "enablement" of the database for enterprise support.

- V