Database mangement in Oracle

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02-14-2016 07:51 AM
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Hi, I want to know the best practice to manage geospatial databases in oracle 11g. My question is if an organization consist of different departments having different geodatabases like geographical names, 1:25k topographical geodatabase, hydrographic grodatabase etc. how to mange these databases in Oracle

1- create a organization database and add all department schema's in it. In this way we have one database with multiple schema's. Is this the way to create an Enterprise Oracle Geodatabase?

2- the other way to keep different database separately in Oracle?

3- what's the best option to work in a multiuser versioning environment?


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Hi Dan Patterson,

                             Thanks your links are very helpful, what I understand if we want to create an organization combinded geodatabase we have to create masrer sde geodatabase Which contains different geodatabases.

Is this is good for working in a multiuser versioning environment?

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Decisions would be yours, but I would recommend getting esri involved before you waste money hoping you get it right.  Suggests from others may be useful, but a face-to-face where questions and answers can be addressed immediately will cost you nothing.

Types of geodatabases—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

The whole sections on database, management etc would have to be considered as well as the types of work and workflows you are involved in.

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