Data Migration from local to SDE Oracel.

03-16-2014 04:30 AM
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Hi.I design Utilities network & create Geometric Networks....I successfully migrate my data local to Oracle Server...while uploading no error will come....after that i add geometric network in arcmap from SDE its showing error...."Specified Coordinate exceed the valid coordinate range" i checked dataset extent & Shapefiles inside it ...all are fine...Note that the same network perfectly working in our local database.If any have information about that then please let me know.
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You've likely got a number of issues here, among them:

  1. You should NEVER load spatial data as the SDE user.  Instead, create one or more

  2. tablespaces to hold data, and one or more users to own the data, then configure the
    DBTUNE environment appropriately for the tablespaces, and then load the data.
  3. It is important to understand that you have NOT placed shapefiles inside the

  4. database.  Loading data into a database CHANGES the data into the storage format
    specified as part of the load/DBTUNE process.
  5. You need to understand more about coordinate references in enterprise geodatabases

  6. before you can begin to address the COORDREF error (which is an indicator that the
    data has been loaded or defined improperly).  I recommend reviewing the Understanding
    Coordinate Management in the Geodatabase

If, after you have data with a proper spatial reference in a non-SDE user in Oracle,
you continue to have this problem, you should contact Tech Support for assistance.

- V
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