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Data handling best practices

03-18-2019 06:59 AM
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I'm relatively new to GIS and wanting to build a data strategy for my use of ArcGIS Pro. I work in a tiny country where there is little online information available so I am having to build most of it myself. Examples of the type of data I'm wanting to work with include census data (populations, ethnicities, economic, etc..), resources (wells, livestock, schools, etc...) This will be used by a small team of 1-3 people, so definitely not enterprise in scope.

I am currently getting the data into excel files and importing them into tables. My question is, what are the best practices for organizing it from there. Do I leave the imported data as tables and use join and relate to add it to feature classes to then do processing and displaying? Do I convert it to multiple feature layers for later use and analysis? I want to be able to show trends over time so what is the best way to organize for that? I have feature layers with data such as regions and other administrative boundaries. I assume population and other data should be kept separate so it can be joined and used based on date and location, but I could be wrong. Any guidance or pointing to helpful resources on this would be helpful and appreciated.

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