Creating line segments with point attributes from GPS Data

11-15-2013 09:29 AM
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I have GPS data I need to turn into line segments (which could just be appended in the end). The issue I'm running into is creating discrete segments. Points have an attribute that may occur multiple times along a trip (i.e. surface type). When running a select and point to line function, the different segments get connected - causing a problem.

what is the best method for creating line segments from points based on attributes that may repeat?
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determine the logical order in which you wish to create your lines and create them from point to point.

I just did something similar for 65000 Transmission Structures.

I took the x,y coordinates into excel and sorted them the way I wanted them to draw then filled in the ToX and ToY with a formula and then used the XY to Line function to create the line segments.
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