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03-05-2014 12:02 PM
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I'm trying to create a layer package in order to transfer four layers to someone outside my office. When I right click the layer in the T.O.C and select creat  a layer package I get the dialg box for it and select saving locally to a file on my machine but the "Item Description" page hase a window for "SELECT TAGS"  It seems this is for transfering the data to ArcGis Online and Im not interestedin that. When I analyze the package I get the following error.

00098: Missing Tags in Item Description

I just want to email the layers and data to this guy. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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Hi there!

Before you can share a layer package, there are two options on where you want to save your file. Make sure you have chosen the "save package to file" and not the first one because that means you're going to upload the layer to your AGOL account as you were saying.

Second, tags, description and summary are required fields in creating layer package. Just put any meaningful words to describe your file and that would be good to go.

You may want to check attached images for reference.

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