Creating Colour Coded Vulnerability Map

09-28-2018 11:06 AM
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I'm very new to ArcGIS (and GIS in general), and I'd like to create a map of the Caribbean region colour coded for certain indicators. I need each island to be a different colour depending on that indicator. Would anyone be able to direct me towards resources that might help me with this?

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Esri Training would be a good starting point for an introduction to ArcGIS and GIS in general. There are a lot of free courses available there. For example: Getting Started with GIS.

More specific to the map you want to create, you might search for guides and tutorials on creating choropleth maps. A few examples:

Choropleth map - GIS Wiki | The GIS Encyclopedia

Creating a Basic Choropleth Map in ArcMap

Choropleth Maps

Choropleth Mapping in ArcMap - YouTube

Basically what you'll have to do is:

  1. Download the geography you want to map (oftentimes these are shapefiles), and the data for the indicators you want to map (could be in a number of different table formats)
    • Natural Earth has boundary shapefiles that may be useful here, like countries of the world
  2. Identify/create a common field (like country name) in the two datasets so that you can join the geography to the table that has the data you want to map
  3. Modify the look of the map, including data normalization, projection, classification scheme, and symbology