Create SDE Tablespace on PostgreSQL generates error -42

03-07-2012 06:52 AM
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I started the ArcSDE (Version 10) Post Installation for PostgreSQL.
I have a problem while i'm trying to create the SDE tablespace and user with a PostgreSQL Database.
Does anyone know what error -42 means?

System: Windows 2008 Server R2, SP1, Domainmember
Database: PostgreSQL 8.3 delivered with the ArcSDE CD

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You are running into an issue what we faced, although according to Postgres development folks they can not reproduce.
To work around the issue we had to do the following:
do not use the Post installer to create tablespaces, precreate them on Postgres, before you run the post installer.
You are getting the error b/c the code submitted to postgres to create the tablespaces is not successful, this is only an issue on win 2008 R2.
1. create the folder that will serve the tablespace
- grant os user group "users" full access to the folder
- to avoid other issues related to increased security on Win2008 R2 you may have to give the "users" group full access on the Data folder level.
2. create the tablespace in postgres
3. reference the precreated tablespace in the postinstaller

Some other things to try:
- turn off UAC
- run the postinstaller as Admin

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Sorry for being late with my reply, but using PostgreSQL is in a testphase at this moment and there wasn't time for testing until today.

I tried the following:

- creating the folder that should contain the tablespace
- grant full access to the folder for everybody
- starting the postinstaller (as admin typically)

and everthing works fine.

It seems to be a user / user right problem.

Thank you for your helpful hints!

So my next steps will be testing user rights - because I want to use different shares (another server) to store the tablespaces.
Is there a manual how to use Arcgis with PostgreSQL and (Domain) Active Directory authentification?


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