Create and Authorize Enterprise Geodatabase

10-25-2013 06:42 AM
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Background:  We currently have a SQL 2005 DB on 32 bit server for which GIS had pretty much full control.  Software (sde, ArcGIS) could be installed on the server.

In combination with GIS's move to 10.1, the City's IT is combining all SQL Server DBs (GIS and non-GIS) onto one massive physical server which will be a database server only.  I cannot install any kind of software on that server.  I can only access my SQL instance on that server through Management Studio installed on my workstation.

Leading to real question:
I would like to manage/create geodatabases from ARcGIS 10.1 on my workstation.  I would rather not install ArcGIS Server on my PC just to get an authorization file so that I can create geodatabases.  I am trying to avoid using the SDE application server for now.

We DO have ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise 10.1  installed on some web servers.  I tried just using a copy one of those authorization files to create a geodatabase and it seemed to work. 

My question is - is this okay in the long run?  Will I have any issues down the road doing something like this? 

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Addition to previous - we have an ELA so licensing isn't an issue.  But would like to limit where all ArcGIS Server is installed.
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