Corrupted Check Out Replica

08-22-2014 10:12 AM
MVP Honored Contributor

We had a checkout replica go corrupt on us and just seeing if anyone had any info.  The replica disappeared off the list on both the check out and the db it was checked out from - even though no one was trying to check it in.  A table showed up in the checkout GeoDB called ORG_NameofFC where NameofFC was the name of the only FC in the GeoDB.  This table had 108 records in it that seemed to be random - main FC has 6,650 records.  They did not line up at all with the changes that had been made in the checkout nor were they recent data at all.


The only thing I have found searching is that ORG_ tables should be system tables.  This user has been using checkouts and checkins 6+ times in the last few weeks with no issues.  But again they were not even trying to check in.  The replica log shows nothing on that day.


Any info on any logs, properties, or anything else I can look at to track it down would be great.



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