Copy/Paste in Attribute Window overwrites Read Only Fields

07-27-2012 12:33 PM
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It appears that the Copy/Paste function in the attribute window overwrites fields that are set to read only.  I had an editor copy/paste attributes from one polygon to many and the fields that were set to read only were overwritten.

Has anyone else notice this?  Shouldn't a field be read only if you set it to read only in the Layer Properties?  Is this a bug?

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This looks like a bug. A field does stay read-only if you try to paste into that one cell. However, if you use Paste Attributes to paste all of them, it will update the read-only field. We'll look at fixing this in an upcoming service pack.
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I had the same problem earlier this year with ArcGis 10.1.
It seems to work now with sp 1.
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