Copy data from a column on one layer and paste it to the other

05-11-2015 03:44 PM
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Well, I ****** up on a projection and I can't seem to get it back so I decided to use an older set of data.  Everything is the same except a couple of columns of data.  Fortunately I can use the field calculator on most of it but there's one column I would like to copy from the old layer to the other.  I was thinking I could use the join field tool but I'm not sure if there's a way to copy the same records to the other.

The table looks like this.

Field AField B

So how to I copy the fields from B to A by keeping the Fields in B the same on A.



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Hi Alex,

Just so I understand the situation: are fields A and B in the same dataset or different datasets? If they are in different datasets which have a common key I would use a table join and the field calculator to transfer the information from the source column to the destination column.


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Yes, right click the new layer and select join, choose the old layer to join and a field which is unique and common between them, such as an ID field as the join field in both. Then you can right click the field you want to calculate, and double click the field from the old layer to add it in to the expression box. After you're done, you can right click the layer again and remove the join.

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