Copy and Paste from local hard drive to the server Question ?

09-28-2020 05:50 PM
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I have a question about copy and paste a large file of an imagery I save as a TIF file. It is about 1 GB and it has four files that goes with it...

I copy and paste all of four files from my hard drive to the server.  

So when I copied it and paste to the server, I can see that it takes about 5 hours or so... It started like at noon and then when I return to my desk and it looked like it was completed around 4 hours.  

I checked the Windows Explorer for that 4 files on the server and I can see it is there . BUT when

I open it in ArcCatalog and I can see it is still there but it would not let me see it in preview...

What is the reason for these files to show up there on the server but it won't letting me to see it in preview in ArcCatalog ?

HELP !!!

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