Converting polygons to lines ArcView License

11-23-2011 02:47 AM
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I need help with the conversion from polygons to polylines. The Topology function to create a new feature is not able to ArcView.

Any other way I can do this?


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If you just need the lines can you copy and paste selected polygons into a polyline layer?  I think the Polygon to line tool in ETGeowizards is free but check on it.
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You might try the Polygon to Line tool found in ArcToolBox>Data Management Tools>Features>Polygon to Line

I've never actually used it but you can learn about it here.

Hope that helps!
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Hi Joshua and Johns!

Thanks for you answers. I will check with both ways.
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If you have an ArcView license and not ArcInfo and you want to transfer shapes from polygon to line or vice versa, you can.  What you need to do is this for polygon to polyline.

Create new polyline feature in ArcCatalog and add to ArcMap
Start editor toolbar
Set Task to Create New Feature
Set Target to polyline feature
Snap to polygon feature
Right click and Replace Sketch

This will copy your polyline on to the polygon vertices.  This also works from line to polygon too.
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Late but in case anyone still googles for the solution:

You can create a new line Feature Class, edit it, select and copy the polygons and paste them to the line FC. If you want to keep some attributes, you should create the attributes (same type and name) in the line FC first.