Convert contour tin into shapefile

02-19-2018 11:57 AM
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Hello. I am university student. I would like to ask a big question that I have been researching and searching everything but could not find someone who answer that is related to my question. My question for arcmap is how can i export data as shapefile from contour tin? If you said right click on layer for data, no. It won't work to me at all. I got information about dem and contour from Seems that I can export dem after I reclassified dem into output file. I can import dem output file into blender but not contour tin file. I would prefer to export contour tin file into shapefile for blender. One of our students made the manual of arcgis but did not tell us how to convert contour tin into shapefile. Please help me with that question. I would be appreciated if you know how to solve this problem!

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Have you toggled on the 3D analyst extension in Customize, Extensions ... Some of the functionality requires the extension

And if you have the dem, you can contour directly

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I already have 3D analyst extension but it did not explain how can I convert contour TIN into output file. I only can save contour tin as layer file, that's all. I moved my mouse cursor to data and did not have export data or any.  I need to save contour TIN into shapefile. So, you know how to do that? 

Please look at that picture. That's all I can explain and need some helps with that. 

List of menu and data did not show export data or anything for contour tin.

My goal with contour tin is to be able to export this contour tin with watershed boundary into other software, blender. 

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You need to use Surface Contour geoprocessing tool to convert TIN to Contour lines.

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