Connection to old ArcSDE 9.2 GDB using ArcSDE 10.2

08-25-2014 04:16 AM
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Client : ArcGIS 10.2.1 - ArcCatalog

Database: Oracle 12c for new SDE 10.2 GDB and Oracle 10g for old SDE 9.2 GDB

SDE: Old GDB: ArcSDE 9.2 , New GDB: ArcSDE 10.2


Issues: Connection to old ArcSDE 9.2 GDB using ArcSDE 10.2


I researched and found that the ArcGIS 10.1 onwards it is not possible to connected to ArcGIS 9.2


"Pre-9.3 direct connect drivers are an optional separate installation available on the ArcGIS 9.3 client installation media."

In old system, Oracle 10g database is configured to ArcSDE 9.2 Geodatabase. I also have the extracted dump (data) from Oracle 10g database to 12c Database and trying to connect it using

ArcCatalog 10.2. But ArcCatalog get crashed upon direct connection.


I don’t have license for ArcCatalog 9.2 to connect to Old Database. Also I tried connecting old ArcSDE 9.2 GDB using ArcGIS 10.2.1 but I get below error message:

"Failed to connect to the specified server. Do you want to continue?

ArcSDE Direct Connect driver release isn't compatible with ArcSDE database instance release [Connection failed when attempting to connect using 10.2 ArcGIS client to a 9.2 geodatabase. A 9.2 geodatabase is too old to be supported by this ArcGIS client release. ArcSDE Direct Connect driver release - 102001; ArcSDE database instance release - 92011; ArcSDE low release for instance 93001]"


I would like to know if there is any workaround to get the ArcSDE 9.2 data from oracle 10g in the ArcGIS 10.2.1 geodatabase (whether import/connect/extract)?

Any help/suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

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Isn't it possible to get ArcSDE 9.2 application server binaries from your distributor? Or alternatively you could obtain 9.3. and do upgrade to 9.3 or 9.3.1.

I mean if you are licensed to 10.2 you should be licensed to get older version too - atleast this is what I understand from our environment. However if you are not licensed to run ANY SDE (ArcGis for server enterprise basic or higher) you are not licensed to run 9.2. either - regardless of direct connection use or no.

In our system upgrade went: upgrade oracle (export from old/import to new), start and verify arcsde app 9.2. install 9.3. ArcSDE binaries, run upgrade, verify. Repeat until satisfactory.

Notice that the appserver doesn't have to be on the same machine - you can run it from any platform but you need to use oracle client.

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Hi, we have recently had same problem and it was impeding us to import data when  you are using 10.2 with arcsde 9.1. Technical support suggest to upgrade our arcsde and told us if arcsde is lower than 9.3, support is not available and we had to reinstall 9.3 arcgis desktop. Upgrading seems not feasible at the moment, I was wondering if you have found any solution for your connection problem.

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Hi Manishkumar,

You could use an ArcGIS 10.0 SP5 Desktop client to make a connection to your 9.2 geodatabase, then upgrade to 10.0 SP5 (recommended) and then use a 10.2.x client to see the data in the upgraded geodatabase.

Direct-connect compatibility between clients and ArcSDE geodatabases in Oracle

If the underlying DBMS is Oracle 10g, an Oracle 10g client must be used for the connection.

Geodatabase connections in ArcGIS Desktop (For Oracle)

Hope this helps clarify how to get it up to geodatabase that a 10.2.x client can use.


--- George T.
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Hi George,

I was wondering if you could have any idea about our problem.We can actually connect to ArcSDE 9.1 with 10.2 ArcGIS desktop, we can use existing data from database with no problem. However when we import a new data, we get Spatial Index Error and data cannot be displayed on ArcMap. Do you have any suggestion?

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Hi Naime,

I guess that it might be a fluke that you can connect to your SDE 9.1. But I would not expect it to work properly (i.e. create data, preview data, modify existing data, etc....)

As Tech Support suggested, you would need to upgrade your SDE to at least 10.0. Support for 9.1 was ended almost 5 years ago... (June 2010 -

Technically support for 9.3 ended in Dec. 2013 (over a year and half ago)

I would not expect there to be a "workaround" that would available for that old of a geodatabase.

Hope this helps......


--- George T.