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04-03-2014 08:54 AM
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We just upgraded our production ArcSDE server to Windows Server 2008 R2.    We are using ArcSDE 10.1 SP1 on SQL Server 2012 with Application Server Connections for many of our users.    We will be moving to more direct connects but for now,   we have a lot of application server connections.  After creating the windows service,   I changed the login to use a domain account rather than the system account so that the Windows Service would not have to share heap memory with other processes.   This was suggested to us a few versions of ArcSDE ago by ESRI Support and we are still employing this strategy.     

I have noticed that now we have a lot of Conhost.exe processes running under the domain account in addition to the expected gsrvr.exe processes and I am concerned that these are using up the memory that I had hoped would be dedicated to only the gsrvr.exe processes.

I don't recall seeing these conhost.exe processes on Windows Server 2003 running under our Domain Account.   

Our SharedSection parameter on the registry key \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems
is set at 768.   

What are these conhost.exe procecesses and do I need to be concerned about using up the memory heap?     Should I consider upping the SharedSection parameter?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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