Compression on an sde DB

04-16-2015 10:36 AM
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Is it in any way possible to successfully perform a compression on an sde db which needs to be on-line 24/7? Seems like compression is only successful after disconnecting all user connections and halting all ArcGis server web services and operations.

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Hi Brian,

If ArcGIS Server services cannot be stopped and are the reason you cannot disconnect users, you may want to consider replicating your data to a File Geodatabase, that is, all data that is not needed for an editable Feature Service.

The benefits of this workflow is that File Geodatabases generally perform faster, and your services (which may be external) are not accessing your enterprise geodatabase.

You could schedule scripts to synchronize the changes of your enterprise geodatabase to your File Geodatabase, as well as compress your geodatabase.

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Hi Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately the data cannot be replicated as the current DB has been set with  the option to move edits to base.  Perhaps the easiest way out is to create a new DB with the possibility of replication and transfer all data.

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I do exactly what Jake describes: replicate (one way) from SDE to a FGDB.  Works really slick.  Are you sure you can't do a one-way replica from your DB with it set to move edits to base?  I don't know for sure either way as my SDE is versioned with out that option.

That should just about do it....
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you can perform compression while there services connecting to your geodatabase, however it won't be the "optimal compression".

in any IT environments, you need to have a "block time" period where you can perform your upgrades,maintenance,...etc activities and this will require shutdown of your services.

Also, it depends how frequently you need to perform the compression operation, depending if you have heavy editing on your data (weekly,monthly,...etc).

what jack is proposing is a good option, also you can do replication between 2 enterprise geodatabase if you have the resources, and have active/active map services architecture for the continuation of your services.

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