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Composite locator service vs composite locator in gdb: different results

02-26-2013 08:18 PM
New Contributor
I created a composite locator based on two locators in a file gdb. Using the Find Locations tool in ArcMap, I was able to perform a few test searches and it yielded the expected results. I then shared that composite locator as a geocode service and performed the same test searches. After searching for about 30 seconds, it gave the following error:

There was an error trying to find candidates. Bad syntax in request

There are no differences between the two, after the test searches were succesful I immediately published the composite locator service and tried the test searches again.
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I create a composite locator, and it worked. 3 months later, I tried to use it again, and got a message: "Address locator is damaged, would you like to repair it?" If you want to repair, the OK button always grey ( you cannot repair it).

Any one has similar problem? what is wrong? How to build a better locator with better match rate?


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