Combining (overlay?) raster data while keeping data separate to determine rank

06-11-2014 01:21 PM
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Hello -

This may not be an easy fix, but I hope there's someone out there who is up for a challenge!

I am trying to establish farming systems by overlaying rasters on crop area. I have continuous raster datasets for 13 crops, each with 5-arc minute pixels that contain a value for hectares harvested of that crop. I want to combine the 13 layers while maintaining the distinct cropping value for each crop within each pixel. For example, if a given pixel (100km2) has corn, rice, wheat, and sugarcane, I want the output cell to show the presence of those four crops in order of which is MOST grown.

It looks like Spatial Analyst > Local > Highest Position can produce the 'most grown' crop, but how can I determine what's next? And next after that?

Many thanks for your help!!

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