Colour Balance in Raster Mosaic Issue

10-04-2013 01:12 AM
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I have an issue when colour balancing images in a mozaic.  I have not had this issue with other dataset - I suspect that I am missing something here. 

See the attached png file (FYI Its 0.1 sec gravity data).  I have a geo-referenced set of adjacenet but not overlapping rasters.  I created a new File Geodatabase and added the rasters, checking "Build Pyramids", "Calculate Statistic" and "Create Thumbnails".  Output looks fine but there are significant differences in the symbology of the images as might be expected.  Checking the symbology there is Stretched and RBG renders.  There is no classified render.

If I select Enhance>Colour Balance, using dodging and First_Order for the Color surface Type (which has worked well for me int eh past) there is no colour Balance correction  - the images are unchanged -  although the results says succeeded.  If I re-run the stats and repeat the foregoing   -  same result.

Please tell what I am so obviously missing here.
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