Coded Domains Not Working Properly

07-23-2014 01:21 PM
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I have a File Geodatabase with several domains. When I try and Select by Attributes, or symbolize by Unique Value, the codes and descriptions get all mixed up, or don't display at all. (see attached images)


I "fixed" these problems by going into the GDB and editing each entry that was displaying the code rather than the description. I used the drop-down list to select a different value, tab off the field, then go back and change the value to the correct one for that field. After that, all of the Select by Attributes worked and displayed properly, and the symbolize by Unique Values worked if I used the same field for the Many Values.


Now, there has been some new data added to the FC. I'm adding in new polygons and using the drop-down lists to populate the attribute fields. However, the new polygons are displaying the same problems - codes appearing in the select by attributes box, and not symbolizing with the other coded values when trying to symbolize by unique value.


I am running Advanced ArcGIS for Desktop, version


Any help tracking down solutions to these problems would be greatly appreciated!

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I know this is old but to save anyone who stumbles in here from the search/headache; what I had done wrong was create my coded values as numbers when all my fields were actually text. I had made up numbers to go with each possible text-type in the attribute table field. DON'T DO THAT. The column of "coded values" needs to match what is in your attribute table field(s) exactly. They can be text! Don't just put the attribute table information in the "description" field to the right of your coded values column. This is literally just for further description/labels.

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thank you. thank you. thank you.