Choropleth Map - classification symbology

01-12-2013 02:39 PM
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Hello all,

I need to make around 20 Choropleth maps. However as they will be compared against one another, i have found the maxim and minimum value for the entire data set and am trying to classify using those values.

However ArcMap will not let me enter a minimum value of 400 as the data for that specific map has it's minimum value at 600. Is there a way of changing this and creating a classification where by i can enter a min and max value that is greater than the data being used?

Many thanks,

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I dont know the answer to your question, but try this:
create a new layer with the classification you want (MIN and MAX).
In Choropleth layer symbology window IMport symbology from the new layer.
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I have also encountered this problem and I am surprised to see that the latest version, 10.3, does not address this.  I think Antonio has a good work around.  I have done the same in the past, however, it is not ideal in a normal work flow.



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