Checking versioned data before going to DEFAULT?

01-21-2015 06:24 AM
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We are implementing Roads & Highways and work in a versioned environment.  Our original plan is to have a Master version off Default and then have our child versions off Master.  There is a need to review all the edits in Master before posting to Default. The issue is we don't want to stop production while these edits are being reviewed, and since we are using WMX to create new versions this would create a new version from Master everytime someone creates a new job in WMX. Assume the edit checking will take 1 week from the time all child versions reconcile & post to Master.

Here are a couple options we have thought of:

A.     Create a Pre-Master version under the Master version,

B.     Keep our original plan but post all edits to the Oracle Transactional Environment and wait 1 week for review to copy edits from Transactional to Production Env.

C.     ?

I am asking the community what would be the best approach on how to handle this or if there is better approach that your organization is doing?

thanks for reading and for any suggestions you may have,



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