Change Node placement in Schematic Diagrams

05-08-2017 07:31 AM
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I have a question regarding ArcGIS Schematics and the configuration of the Schematic Dataset.


I created a Schematic Dataset using the "Smart Tree" Algorithm as a default and would now like to change the node placement/the distance of some nodes (one layer) in relation to other nodes. That means, if the distance of Node A in the geometric network is very close to Node B, the distance from Node A to Node B should be kept in the resulting diagram.


At the moment, these relations/distances are lost using the Smart Tree Algorithm. The distance of all diagram elements is equal. Is there a way to change the position of the nodes according to the real distances/relations and still use a tree layout algorithm?


For a better explanation, see this image:


For example in figure 3.1: the red points should be very close to the blue points, since the distances from the red to the blue points in the real geometric network are very small. All other distances can be kept, just the red points should be adjusted in the diagram.


I've found the "Node on Link" possibility, where you can enter a relative position along a link, but it looks like this only works with creating a new Feature-Class and referencing a table with the absolute or relative values along a reference link?!


Any input is appreaciated!

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